About the company

The core business of Teslar Trans OÜ is rental of own and subleased railway rolling stock. Our operational fleet consists of more than one thousand different railway wagons. Teslar Trans OÜ also supplies new and used railway rolling stock and spare parts and provides repair and maintenance services of railway wagons.

Our company´s main advantage is an optimal balance between universal and specialized rolling stock.
A very well balanced operational fleet structure guarantees the maximum effectiveness of its work and at the same time it efficiently serves the needs of our clients.


The main foundamentals of our company growth and development could be named as follows: constant rejuvenation of the age of own railway wagons, the development and building of new types of specialized rolling stock, the expansion of our client base and strengthening relations with our existing clients and also maintaining an optimal ratio of own and borrowed capital while investing into a new railway rolling stock.

Railway wagons